Software engineering

Software Engineering

Technology product companies need to be agile to develop software that will keep pace with the rapidly changing technology platforms. The perennial challenges of accelerated time-to-market, improved product quality, maximized returns on R&D budgets and expansion into new markets continue to grow. Leverage our software engineering services for embedded, application and other software areas, to build and retain competitive advantage.

Our Software Engineering Services & Solutions

We provide software engineering services for diverse industry sectors and for a wide range of software requirements including embedded, application and other.

Our services are backed by a strong expertise and experience in different technologies and platforms, mature methodologies and processes, and ready-to-use solutions and accelerators.

Our focus areas include:

  • Embedded software:
    With experience spanning across various microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSPs, applications specific SOCs, platforms, embedded OS/ RTOS, our key areas of embedded software development include:
    • Device Drivers
    • BSPs
    • Protocol Stacks
    • Algorithms such as audio, video, imaging, security
    • Application software
    • HMI
    • Diagnostics
    • System integration
  • Middleware and Application software for various industries
  • Tools & frameworks development
    • Development and testing accelerators
    • Case Tools
    • Workflow Management Tools
    • BI & Reporting Tools

Our Services

  • Product Conceptualization & Management
  • Product Portfolio Rationalization
  • Platform Consolidation – including Migration and Porting Strategy
  • Techno-management, Architecture and Design
  • Tools and Technology Selection and Trade-off Analysis
  • User-centric Design and UX
  • Core Product Development
  • Maintenance and Sustaining Engineering
  • QA and Testing Services
  • Certification (Industry Standards, Statutory, Logo, Third Party Products and Components)
  • Database Optimization and Modeling
  • Performance Engineering (Product / Application level )
  • E-to-E Implementation
  • SaaS and Cloud Enablement
  • Enterprise Mobile Enablement
  • Social Software Integration
  • Localization and Internationalization
  • BigData & Analytics

Frameworks and Accelerators

  • IPS3 - Integrated Product Support and Sustaining Services Platform is our proprietary platform providing end-to-end visibility and control of business service levels. It is a value added solution for improved product serviceability and stability, which may provide up to 30% improvement in operations.
  • iTAF - Triage and Analytics Framework is innovative machine data analytics framework. It provides proactive diagnostic and preventive analysis. The solution consists of pattern identification and pattern matching modules based on MapReduce. It has resulted in reducing the triage time of certain issues from hours to seconds. This solution has already been deployed in Medical, Storage and Transport industries yielding tangible benefits
  • Cloud Migration Factory (CMF) readiness validator - A reusable tool to check cloud readiness and if valid, automatically install and configure VM deployments using VMware Application director
  • Cloud Application Deployment Toolkit - This solution automates the deployment of Traditional applications in Cloud and enables service providers to service provisioning requests faster
  • SPRINTTEST – Test automation framework is ready to use highly flexible test automation framework. Framework enables testing team to create automation scripts in simple XLS format. SPRINTTEST enables faster, better and cost effective automated testing process with optimal usage of resources and automation tool licenses.
  • iGlobNet – Automate internationalization support for .NET and J2EE projects along with easy management of translation work via web interface
  • iSense –Augmented Reality based automotive solution on tablets/mobile. Supports navigation, social networking and location based services
  • iDevOps Framework - Assists customers to adapt DevOps methodology. It is a framework to integrate various tools used for DevOps, its orchestration engine orchestrates various DevOps tools being used at various stages of build-deploy-monitor cycle and provides end to end automation enabling the organization to achieve the Continuous delivery. Additionally, self-service portal helps in communication, collaboration and integration of Dev and Ops teams. Along with this framework Capgemini offers Hybrid cloud broker as Infrastructure provisioning tool which helps in creating environments on hybrid clouds.
  • MVVM & MVC Pattern Validator - Architecture pattern validation tool that Integrates with visual studio 2010 and 2012
  • iAUDIT Framework - Audit log implementation tool for SQL Server, MySQL & Oracle. It saves time and efforts required for development and verification of audit trail implementation for various applications.
  • Plant Data Migration Tool - conversion of data formats to be ported to proprietary products. It will help to capture market share of a product line or a need of offering interoperability between other proprietary systems

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