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IoT - Business Opportunities

1. Internet of Business Opportunities

Things: Internet of Business Opportunities deals with the THINGS tipping point. Connected things offer new opportunities to combat waste in the broadest sense of the term. This waste occurs among all parties: clients, suppliers, governmental bodies, service providers and the manufacturing industry. Applying digital things, sensors, actuators, apps and SMACT demands a certain mindset as well as concrete actions to optimize your process and event chains, and to translate surprising new opportunities into new products and services. 

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IoT Empathic Things

2. Empathic Things - Intimate Technology from Wearables to Biohacking

We are offering a look into the latest phase of the post PC era; where the fighting flares up for the new form factor, where the foundation is laid of new ways of communication between man and computer, where Bring Your Own Wearable Device (BYOWD) constitutes a challenge for organizations and the Systems of Engagement will develop their empathic ability to a high extent. In the next decade Personal Computing will become really personal: inside, on and around the person with attention for the context of the individual. 

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IoT The Fourth Industrial Revolution

3. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

This third report focuses on how the fourth stage of the Industrial Revolution is upon us due to the far reaching integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). This creates completely new opportunities as a result of new combinations of mental, physical and mechanical work by interne, sensors and embedded systems. 

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IoT SMACT and the City

4. SMACT and the City - New Technologies in Urban Environments

In this report VINT explores how and how quickly new technologies will develop in the urban environment, from the perspective of the most-discussed concepts in the world of smart cities: Cities in a Box, Senseable Cities and Cities as a Platform

The report provides an analysis of how this is already becoming a reality for retailers and presents what companies and organisations of all trades could learn from the on going convergence of bricks and clicks.

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IoT Connect Talk Think Act

5. Things - Connect - Talk - Think - Act

This report follows upon its successful fourfold series on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet (of Things:IIoT). Both flavors are “two of a kind”, transforming the ways in which enterprises operate, collaborate and engage with customers. In this report, the focus is on Sogeti’s vision and client experience and opportunities in industrial and consumer markets, and everything in between: from turbines to toothbrushes.

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IoT Testing in an IoT Enviroment

6. IoTMap: Testing in an IoT Environment

This book gives you insight into testing an IoT solution. With a layered IoT model as basis, five clear steps are defined to implement the IoT test strategy for your solution. The book hands you the building blocks supported by examples in order to fulfil your IoT test strategy.

IoTMap is a complete IoT test method that also covers a range of supporting test activities in IoT environments, such as test automation and how to mature IoT test areas such as ‘Thing’ testing.

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Machine Intelligence Executive Introduction

7. Machine Intelligence 1 - Executive Introduction

After Mobile, Big Data and the Internet of Things, Machine Intelligence (MI) is The Next Big Thing. Machine Intelligence is the accelerator of these predecessors. With an impending breakthrough of Machine Intelligence this report focuses the interesting question what change will Machine Intelligence bring? In a series of reports on MI, Sogeti’s trend watchers explore the potential impact, starting with a first report giving an executive introduction to Machine Intelligence.

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Machine Intelligence The Bot Effect

8. Machine Intelligence 2 - The Bot Effect

During the F8 developers’ congress on 12 April 2016, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, disclosed that he was routinely using ‘bots’ – smart software applications – on Facebook Messenger. Apart from friends and family, we can now also use this platform to have conversations with artificial ‘friends’. Many people may still find it difficult to conceptualize ‘brand as a friend’, but the underlying idea is perfectly clear: Facebook aims to reap the fruits of the popularity of messaging by allowing bots to be implemented on the platform.

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