Enterprise DevOps Report 2020-21

Enterprise DevOps Report 2020-21

Scaling up your DevOps to achieve Developer Velocity. The more digital your enterprise, the greater the scale of your DevOps activities. The new Enterprise DevOps Report 2020-21 from Microsoft and Sogeti examines the challenges faced by IT departments as they transform their DevOps to meet evolving business and customer needs.


Enterprise DevOps 2020From DevOps to Enterprise DevOps – a matter of scale

How empowered are your software developers? Can they build productively, collaborate globally & securely, and scale innovation? This is known as Developer Velocity. And it’s not easy to achieve. However, IT organizations recognize that they must pursue it by transforming their DevOps activities in a model we refer to as Enterprise DevOps.

In a rapidly shifting digital economy speed and scale are essential. DevOps teams are tasked with deploying to production faster and more frequently, providing highly available services for customers in stable and secure environment. The report argues that this is only truly possible with Enterprise DevOps.

Find out how Enterprise DevOps enables IT to remain relevant and fit-for-purpose

The report draws on two bodies of research: from McKinsey (yielding the Developer Velocity Index) and from Sogeti. We’ve combined the findings to identify the six key areas of enterprise-scale IT that face significant challenges as part of Enterprise DevOps transformation:

  • Product Management – supporting software products dispersed across fragmented teams, business units and organizations
  • Distributed Teams and Remote Working – enabling developers to code, deploy, and collaborate from anywhere
  • Governance – creating a governance framework that is effective at the speed of Enterprise DevOps
  • Quality – maintaining continuous quality engineering and a focus on balancing the need for speed with a demand for quality
  • Security – enabling distributed, autonomous DevOps teams to build & run their own applications, and release changes at their own pace
  • Compliance – ensuring that compliance is defined, maintained, improved, and consistently monitored.

Build your blueprint for an Enterprise DevOps delivery model on the report’s business patterns, best practices and real use cases.

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